Name usage:

Canteen Brewhouse” is our overarching brand name and is used on all products such as shirts, canned beer, stickers and other printed merchandise. References to the company as a whole should be “Canteen Brewhouse.”

“Canteen Taproom” refers specifically to the taproom location and should be used only when identifying activities specific to the location on Tramway Blvd (fliers, social media, specials, etc).

Branding package:

The corporate graphics collection is available as a zip-file download and includes the standard Canteen Brewhouse logo, two alternate logo versions, an icon, and two tag line graphics. The package also includes the Canteen Taproom logo in a variety of formats. Download the branding package by right-clicking here and saving the file.


The standard Canteen Brewhouse logo consists of a winged-star icon combined with a logotype. The logotype is a specific visual treatment of the words “Canteen Brewhouse”. Alternate logo treatments are provided in the package for use in applications where legibility of the small support text in the standard logo is a concern.

The proportions and visual relationship between the elements of the logo should not be altered or distorted in any way. Do not stretch, condense, or reposition the logo, the individual elements within the logo, the icon, or the tag line graphics. Please do not add elements to the existing logo and do not alter the colors or fonts used in the logo. For consistent quality, use the graphics provided in the zip file.

The winged-star icon alone may be used in alternate designs as long as it is not distorted. Please use the icon versions included in the zip file.

Corporate Style Guide:

A Canteen Brewhouse Corporate Style Guide is included in the zip file. The guidelines are intended to help maintain brand consistency when using the logo and other graphic elements in corporate materials.